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My namne is Per Sacklén, born January 8, 1966.

I am a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm.

I have worked professionally as a dancer since 1984.

Early on I mainly worked with repertory dance companies such as:
Royal Swedish Ballet, 1984-2007 (During these years I took leave of absence to work with other companies and as a freelancer.
National Ballet of Canada, 1988
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, 1990-1993
Cullberg Ballet, 2003-2005

In the mid 90’s I started to do freelance work, both as a dancer but also as a choreographer. As a dancer I worked with contemporary Swedish choreographers, and I still do. As a choreographer I have worked with opera productions, doing my own projects and choreographing commissions.
1997 I founded the, collaborative, project based group Räserbyrån together with Katarina Eriksson and Håkan Mayer.
As Räserbyrån we have made pieces in close collaboration with composers working in the field of electronic musik and improvisation.
Since 1998 I have been a member of Fylkingen which is a platform for contemporary and interdisciplinary art, music, dance, film and performance.
Recent works have been created with focus on young audiences, using improvisation as a tool for communication.
Since 2014 I have been part of Weld Company on a project basis. Weld, based in Stockholm, is an artist run platform which supports a wide group of artists, mainly from the field of dance, but also supports projects coming from visual art, theory and music.