Information about Rustle and Räserbyrån in English

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Rustle – a dance performance for babies

About Räserbyrån

Räserbyrån is a dance collective established in 1997. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden. It evolved from a vision of a different way of creating movement based performances. The democratic process and the need to question accepted norms have been guiding stars for us.

The founders and members since the start are Katarina Eriksson, Håkan Mayer and Per Sacklén, three Swedish dancers/choreographers. Räserbyrån started out creating works at Fylkingen in Stockholm. Fylkingen is an organisation and venue for experimental music, dance and art. At Fylkingen they also arranged ”Tärrier- evenings”; where dance, music, film and installations could interact in different improvised constellations; a meeting place for different art disciplines. When not working with Räserbyrån; Katarina, Håkan and Per are active on the Swedish freelance scene as dancers, teachers and choreographers.

Räserbyrån mainly performs in Sweden, but have also made guest appearances in Finland, Portugal, UK, Russia, Croatia, Denmark and Norway.

In 2008 they choreographed their first performance for children. Since then three more shows for young audiences have been created. “Communication” and “participation” are their key words when setting up the conditions for works for children. Improvisation and relating to the unforeseen is used as tools; when meeting the audience the performances come to life.

Räserbyrån is active in a network exploring community dance and its possibilities to be an active part in society.
Work we have done touching upon the field of community dance is ”Silent walk” and ”Berga danskompani” at a home for elderly people, doing movement work based on improvisation.

Choreographic works in chronological order:

1997 Amen-amen, music by Ákos Rózmann.
2001 Lådracet, music by Mats Lindström and Sören Runolf.
2004 Isola, music by Lise-Lotte Norelius.
2008 Zappe och Vilding, music by Jean-Louis Huhta.
2010 Huset har vingar, music by Lise-Lotte Norelius.
2013 Prassel, set, light design and music by Räserbyrån.
2016 Längs vägen –berättelser i dans och musik, music by Marianne Csizmadia and
Mathias Landaeus.
2016 Tyst vandring – Silent walk, in collaboration with German choreographer Ingo Reulecke.
2016 Träda fram, music by Lise-Lotte Norelius.
2018 The Cloud -a fantasy laboratory, set, light design and music by Räserbyrån in collaboration with Helene Berg.
2018 The Solo, concept, method and music by Räserbyrån.
2021 The sound of colors, in collaboration with Helene berg/visuals, Lise-Lotte Norelius/music, Ronald Salas/lights. Premiere at Dansens hus in Stockholm.